The Venture

W. Slayton

“Helping Great Entrepreneurs Build Great Companies for the Greater Good.”

Venture capitalist

Slayton Capital was founded in 2001 in Silicon Valley California by the Honorable Gregory W. Slayton as an early stage venture/angel capital firm. Slayton Capital invests primarily in early stage high tech companies – and only in companies where Mr. Slayton knows the principals personally and well.  Slayton Capital was an early investor in, Google, Oakley Networks and Bloom Energy – some of the more successful Silicon Valley companies of the past 20 years. In each case, Slayton Capital addressed an agreed to need of the company in addition to its equity investment. Slayton Capital does not consider unsolicited business plans or proposals.

Slayton Capital invests in relatively few companies (2 to 4 per year) and works hard to add value in agreed to areas. Slayton Capital is a long-term investor that works closely with senior management to help ensure each of our portfolio company’s long-term success. Mr. Slayton’s background (HBS, McKinsey, high tech CEO, investment banker, US Ambassador and Ivy League Professor) has allowed him to develop a range of skills/knowledge that are vitally important to a successful start-up. And his worldwide network of senior executives, government officials, media leaders and other VIPs is both broad and deep.

Slayton Capital can take an active role in setting strategy, ensuring effective execution, and building for long-term success. Slayton Capital also can help its portfolio companies raise additional capital, recruit world class professionals for specific posts and/or fill a senior post (such as CFO, VP Marketing, VP Sales, VP of HR or VP of Operations)  for a limited period. Slayton Capital retains a team of deeply experienced professionals around the world who can help our top portfolio companies overcome their business challenges.

In the end, Slayton Capital’s Mission is “Helping Great Entrepeneurs Build Great Companies for the Greater Good.” As part of that, Slayton Capital dedicates at least 10% of its net profits every year to great non-profits that are also serving the greater good.

Slayton Capital’s

Positive Social Impact

Slayton Capital also serves as a trusted financial advisor to its portfolio companies. Mr. Slayton, in his various roles over the years, has raised well over $100M USD for his various companies and has led numerous M&A negotiations on both the buy and the sell side. Slayton Capital has worked with many of Silicon Valley’s most respected venture firms and most of America’s biggest investment banks. But Mr. Slayton insists on lining up Slayton Capital’s long-term interests in parallel with the founders of its portfolio companies right from the start. This helps ensure that our incentive is always to put the interests of our portfolio companies first – not a trait always in evidence among larger VC’s or i-banks.

Slayton Capital is devoted not just to making money – but to having an extensive and positive social impact in our world. At least 10% of Slayton Capital profits are given to charity each year – and Mr. Slayton serves (pro-bono) as the Chairman of the Fellowship of Fathers Foundation – a US 501(c)3 devoted to helping at risk fathers, mothers and families.

Mr Slayton also serves as the Chairman of Family First Global. A global non-profit that focuses on helping at-risk fathers, mothers and families in Asia and around the world.